My Mysterious Fibromyalgia

 Long story short: I was suffering from severe menopausal symptoms, frequent hot flashes, interrupted sleep, extreme tiredness, and anxiety. One day I woke up and I felt an intense pain throughout my body in the odd places, like hips, around elbows, knees and so on. I felt so overwhelmed with negative feelings. I had a high sensitivity to laud noises, bright lights, any air movement.

I was diagnosed with this mysterious condition called fibromyalgia and on top of it a menopause. I thought that I should admit the fact that this is how my life would be, and I should learn to deal with it and try to be happy, and this continued for almost 2.5 years. I began seeking for people with same diagnose, and that was the right direction. Knowing that you are not the only one who have to deal with fibromyalgia, brought me some strengths and hope. I was always against any antibiotics, hormones, prescribed drugs (even though I had a good insurance coverage), as I believed that it can cause more harm than good to my already achy body. I eventually began seeking alternative methods of treatment. I tried a traditional Japanese diet, started to drink plenty of water; it seemed to help a little.fibromyalgiaOne day I sat down in front of computer and the Air relax advertisement popped up on my page. After reading all the good reviews I ordered one, I did have to buy the extenders. A week or two later I bought the arm garment. After less than 1.5 months I started to have some pain-free days, I started sleeping through the night with calming music playing, while I sleep. I am writing this review, while wearing my fantastic “pants”. I promised myself to be committed to well-balanced diet, remember that stress is a huge trigger, try to surround yourself with positive things.
Most of the people have no idea how frustrating and painful this diagnose is. Before buying this compression machine, I wondered if I would ever be one of those people whose life had changed for better. And here I am! I was very happy being able moving around for the holidays. I made a meal for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve. It’s just an amazing feeling to be able to sleep; walk, shop, and cook for my for my family. Never give up hope.
 25, 2018

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