Who We are - The Air Relax Mission

Air Relax was founded in 2014 with a mission to provide quality yet affordable recovery compression tools that will allow active individuals to get back on their feet faster and continue what they love doing. Creating a comprehensive line of compression boots, shorts, and sleeves, we wanted to make sure quality products become accessible to those who need them.

By staying true to our mission, Air Relax recovery systems have become highly sought after. Combining comfort, support, and performance - this kind of recovery is something our valued customers simply can’t get elsewhere.

Quality and Affordable Recovery for Everyone
Air Relax recovery boots have been designed with patented technology which helps reduce muscle fatigue, increase circulation, and amplify energy return. Our recovery systems are tested in laboratory and real-world scenarios to ensure they meet our high standards of quality, comfort, and performance.

The Air Relax brand has established itself as one of the premier names in compression garment technology by combining quality construction with affordability. This allows access for customers who may otherwise be unable to take advantage of compression massage benefits, whether due to cost constraints or lack of access to quality equipment from other providers.

Air Relax compression boots offer excellent value through their long lifespan as well as a wide range of features. While tailored towards achieving improved athletic performance, for any individual looking to improve range of motion, find relief from muscle fatigue, or improve poor blood circulation, Air Relax recovery systems can address all those and more in the comfort of your home or wherever recovery is needed.

AIR RELAX ABOUT USAir Relax currently offers three different systems; AR-2.0 Classic, AR-3.0 Plus, and AR-4.0 PRO – each featuring different features tailored to meet the demands of a variety of active lifestyles while remaining affordable for all.

Since launching our first product to the market, Air Relax has continued to innovate and develop to further improve the performance of our systems. The devices have been upgraded with advanced technologies to provide deeper relief from pain and discomfort. It now works quickly, taking only 15 minutes to relieve muscle tension, reduce swelling, and improve blood circulation.
The Air Relax Commitment
We are committed to continuing to listen to our community so that we can further develop products that will allow easy access to much-needed recovery and ultimately help us all live our best lives.

Our goal is to make the rehab medical equipment as affordable as possible without affecting quality of the product.
As an achievement, Air Relax has established its brand, quality, and edge over its competitors. To date, Air Relax products are now available in more than 88 countries around the world. We hope to reach more areas to ensure quality and affordable recovery is available for all.

Going forward into 2021 and beyond the Air Relax is well positioned to remain at the forefront of compression boot technology due to its commitment towards providing quality products backed up by ongoing research & development efforts to continue delivering cutting edge solutions that meet the needs of all users irrespective of their lifestyle choices.

"We believe the Air Relax will continue to excel in this area providing customers with cutting edge solutions that offer excellent value through quality construction combined with affordability."

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