Post surgical recovery, reduction in swelling and muscle pain.

Reduced Swelling, Deep Relaxation of Both body and mind.

post surgical recovery

I am a 50 year old female who underwent a complete right hip replacement (arthroplasty) on May 31, 2023. I suffer from osteoarthritis and at the time of surgery had almost full impingement, meaning that there was zero cartilage between the head of my femur and my hip cup... in other words, think of a pestle grinding away in a guacamole mortar. Yep, it's as bad and as painful as it sounds. There are very few treatments and no cure. Surgery was the only option and is pretty intense.

I found the Sequential Compression Device by Air Relax about a week before my surgery. I knew that they would be using something similar in the hospital post surgery to prevent DVT (which is also in my family) so I seriously considered it. I did some research, talked to some people that I knew had undergone this surgery and was kinda shocked that no such device had been recommended for short term recovery at home. I spoke with my surgeon about it and he said he'd never heard of it, but it could help with swelling so I checked back the Air Relax at the price and purchased it. And believe me, post surgery, there is wicked swelling! I felt like I had a size 14 leg in a size 8 skin suit!

The first couple of nights, I used the device on the lowest setting and the peristaltic mode. It was pleasant, soothing and engendered an overall sense of calm and relief. I was still on pain killers at the time so that may have had something to do with it. But my goal was to be totally opioid free in the first two weeks after getting home. I used it for only 30 minutes and continued to use it each night and after every home physical therapy work out I did for the next three weeks which brings me to today:

I am pain-killer free - zero use of any opioids.

My swelling is not totally gone, especially as I increase my physical therapy sessions, but I have ankles and knees again instead of cankles and thees.
post surgical recovery
There is zero joint pain, which has me absolutely flabbergasted. I am giddy with glee. Just go ask anyone you know who has lived with chronic, unfleeting severe pain for over a year and they will tell you what that does to you. Your brain chemistry changes, the depression is dark, wet and heavy and unthinkable thoughts are an arms length away at all times. At three weeks out, yes, I still have surgical pain as my 6 inch incision continues to heal but I gladly embrace it as a sign of healing and the glimmer of hope for a normal life.

My mobility and range of motion are well above average as of my first post surgical exam. I credit the Air Relax for this almost 100%. I use it at night before I go to sleep for 30 minutes only (never sleep with the sleeves on), I sleep completely through the night and wake in the morning with some stiffness and pain, but that is gone after a few vigorous therapy movements and there is no swelling from overnight.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows. I know that I have a long way to go before I am back to where I was prior to the onset of this condition. I still have trouble bending over and there are movements and situations that I simply cannot do. I am also very aware that I am still in the most precarious time for new joint dislocation so I am very conscious of every move I make and I follow my doctor's and therapist's instructions to a tee. But this simple but expensive machine has helped me far more than I could ever imagine. I would urge anyone to talk to their surgeon or doctor about this product.

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