Well, I've waited a while before giving my review, wanted to be sure. Being old(65) and too active for my own good(cycling and hiking), I'm always on the slow plod back from injury to fitness. Slowly(very) but surely, steadily the numbers improve, always hoping that I reach the goal before another injury sends me back to the start.

I'll be honest, this time I introduced one or two technique changes to try and move things along (straighter back, better ankling), though at their most effective I wouldn't have expected much change. I certainly wasn't expecting the almost immediate, significant improvement that occurred.

First, hiking one of my steeper regular trails; I just felt lighter (but I wasn't).

Second cycling(road). I post all my rides to Strava, so the comparison is easy. Instead of the slow improvement from 20% off my best power numbers (19%, 18%, 17% .......) , within a week I'm up to 10%.

I'm always very skeptical particularly of anecdotal "evidence", so I'll just say, "add my "evidence" to "Yeah Baby" pile".


  1. The legs are easier to put on standing up.
  2. If your inseam is right on the cusp(30") as mine is get the next size up but make sure your toes are sticking out of the foot to avoid toe-crush
  3. If you're torn between the very nice carrying bag and putting that extra cash toward the lower back compression "corset", chose the latter. I may never use the bag which I bought before I knew about the lower back option :(

Reviewed by others

I've demonstrated the boot to others who were impressed and planning to buy. I myself, may need another boot, as they seem to be my wife's pants of choice whenever she's at home !!

By Paul H. on 04/23/2021

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