You will not be sorry purchasing this much more affordable solution for home or personal use.

 Wow! I love these... I had used other brand boots for the first time several weeks ago and immediately knew that recovery boots were going to be a splurge in my near future to continue making headway after a couple of injuries. The other brand price tag was simply too much for me to bite off, and the Air-Relax reviews I read gave me enough confidence to give them a try. healing from knee injury

The Air-Relax boots seem comparable to the other brands with a couple of minor differences. First, the Air-Relax boots do fit slightly smaller and are more manageable than the enormous other brand boots made for giants and pro football players apparently -- but still plenty of room for me. Also, maybe just a slight difference in the weight of boot fabric, but with no noticeable effect on the experience or overall quality.

From my perspective, the experience is identical. In fact, the Air-Relax boots have one higher pressure setting than what I recall being available on the other brand boots. I have tried it and still too strong for me now, but happy to know I have something to work into as my injuries improve. Just really love the Air-Relax boots. The price point differential made this an easier decision for me. However, given the effect, they are giving me in healing from a knee injury and a severely beaten up shin, I am glad to have pulled the trigger. Have used twice a day since they arrived two weeks ago and my ability to train, and simply walk around more freely, and with less pain after a stubborn injury that slowed me down the past 18 months, is at last manageable.

affordable recovery boots

 They arrived two days earlier too, which was a neat surprise too. For me a great product. If you have used recovery boots in the past - and like me moved almost immediately into recovery boot withdrawal phase,... you will not be sorry purchasing this much more affordable solution for home or personal use.

By Amazon Customer on April 10, 2017

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