Air Relax Compression Boots Review

Over the last several weeks I have really upped my training miles as I pursue a 10k on the track later this fall. One thing that has been on my mind while increasing mileage has been improving my recovery so I can continue with my training without risking injury.

I had been looking for the best cost-effective compression boots that would help aide in my recovery without breaking the bank. A lot of comparable compression boots can cost upwards of $1,500, which isn't reasonable for most households. When I stumbled upon the Air Relax Leg Recovery System, I was immediately intrigued because they're 1/3 of the cost when compared to other brands and do exactly the same thing. I knew they would be perfect to help aid my legs in recovery after long workouts.

What is the Air Relax Leg Recovery System?
The Air Relax Leg Recovery System is essentially two sleeves that you slide your legs into. You plug them into a machine, turn it on, and the chambers fill with air and squeeze your legs similar to when you get your blood pressure taken at the doctor's office. The pressure and compression on your legs is said to:

  • Boost oxygen distribution
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Boost lymphatic fluid movement
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Lower risk of injury
  • Maximize your ability to refuel, rehydrate, and recover

How does the Air Relax Leg Recovery System Work?
Setup is super easy. Just make sure you put your legs into the correct sleeves that are labeled left and right leg. Make sure the sleeves are properly plugged into the control panel, and make sure the control panel is plugged into the wall.
From there you can adjust the settings with which region you want the pressure to focus on, how little or how much pressure you want to have, and different programming options to target your specific areas. The Air Relax Leg Recovery system also has a great automatic program so you can just plug it in, hit the button, and let it do its thing. I typically like to run the recovery program once per day, and then adjust and hone in on any extra areas that need attention.

What sets the Air Relax Leg Recovery System apart from other brands?
I think the major thing is the difference in price without sacrificing quality. After my marathon, my neighbor let me borrow their compression boots from another company and they were $1,500. While they worked and were wonderful in helping me recover, there is no way that I could ever justify that cost, and I'm assuming a lot of people feel the same way. The high price tag really put this amazing technology out of arms reach for the common consumer. 

In comes the Air Relax Leg Recovery System, which is currently on sale for less than 1/3 the cost of its competitors. I can say that the Air Relax Leg Recovery System brings to you everything you could ever want in leg compression boots, without sacrificing quality for a significantly lower price. If you've been looking to implement leg compression boots into your recovery routine, I could not recommend these anymore!

A Note About Sizing:
The Air Relax Leg Recovery System comes in three different sizes: 2, 3, and 4. There is a sizing chart when you click on the product and scroll down for all of the information. I will say that I am a hair under 5' 7'' and 120lbs, and the size 2 fits me perfectly. If I were any bigger though, I would 100% go up to the next size.
For more information about The Air Relax Leg Recovery System, check out their site for pricing and details.

By Paige Flamm at 7:00 AM, Apr 21,2020


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