Swollen foot and swollen ankles relieved

I am 73 and have slight to moderate circulation problems, more in my left leg than right. In addition, over past 20 years, I have had multiple serious sprains of both feet and ankles, resulting in arthritis in both feet. For years both ankles would swell from time to time, but in recent years, the swelling has been worse, and both feet are affected, especially the left foot, and especially in summer.

I saw several doctors, all of whom recommended compression stockings, which make me itchy. Finally, my left foot was so swollen and painful for weeks that I became alarmed. I remembered the compression devices I had seen in hospitals.

compression stocking  

My online search brought me to Air Relax. I read the reviews with some skepticism, but at that point I felt I had little to lose and could return the device within 30 days. The first thing I realized is that the legs are much too long for me (I am only five feet tall), but by shoving my feet all the way down, I am able to get adequate compression in feet, calves and thighs. I wish they made a version for short people, though!

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Within a week of experimentation I was experiencing great relief. I found that in warm weather I need to use the machine twice each day. I do 15 minutes on Level 3 and 15 minutes on Level 2. I can get away with less time if I am in a hurry or the weather is cooler. I still have some puffiness in my left ankle at night, but no pain, and no swelling during the day. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I found Air Relax, because it has enabled me to resume exercise classes and normal living activities without always having to stop and put my feet up or apply ice packs.

By Mary G.on December 1, 2017

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