Eliminate Problems Associated with Overtraining Syndrome.

I’ve been able to do a box jump with no pain



Tore my calf muscle in November and have been dealing with swelling. I have barely been able to run because my feet/calf. My foot has always been a problem I’ve always dealt with and it was painful to take steps at times. Every night I’d always ask my wife to rub my feet because of the pressure feeling. After a week of using the air relax I didn’t realize it, but my wife did, I stopped asking for foot rubs. When she said something about it I realized holy crap my feet feel normal. My calf is still recovering and I’m hoping after a month I will be in perfect shape. Also, for the first time since November I’ve been able to do a box jump with no pain.
By Kevin J. Nov 10, 2019

Perfect For Athletic Recovery


performance and recovery

Anyone who uses the air relax system will experience dramatic improvement in their performance and recovery. I highly recommend this system for elite athletes or general conditioning athletes as it will eliminate problems associated with Overtraining Syndrome.
By Michael C. Nov 27, 2019

Keeping Me Young

best recovery tool

At 37 years old I've really noticed that I don't recover as quickly between workouts. This has resulted in skipping planned hard workouts because I couldn't recover quickly enough. My hope is that this will allow me to train like a 25 year old again and the early returns have been very good. This is the best recovery tool I've found. I hate the foam roller and have to force myself to use it. I look forward to using my air-relax every day.

By Tim S. Nov 19, 2019

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