Air Relax Leg Recovery system came in the mail prompt and intake. No damage at all.


I looked all the brands and did my home work. The price was reasonable, their workmanship was durable, color was good, motor was quiet enough like most expensive one there. I work for 12 hours standing. I'm in health care industry, I'm acupuncturist, barber by trade. I heal lots of my people, e.g sports injury, pain management etc. I used Air Relax after work out and standing for a long time at least 12 hours. After I come home I'm so fatigued and exhausted, and I use Air Relax Leg Recovery for half an hour. Next day I feel revitalized. I use it for my patient after the acupuncture treatment. They gave me a positive feedback that their problem went vanish.
My clients use it during their facial treatment, especially the women. They love it. Sooner or later when I have enough time I will video record at school while I m performing my skill with the Air Relax Recovery System. I use this every day for me as well as my clients. I will definitely recommend to my friends and family. But you should keep in mind, is this product for you? Why are you buying? For what purpose? Do all your home work. There are very expensive one in the market, as well as cheap china product. But do not regret later. Your money your choice!
By Shekhar S. Nov 11, 2019

Easy, efficient and effortless.

air relax

Borrowed a set of other brand boots for the past 2 weeks then received the Air Relax system. There are a wide variety of settings for comfort and therapeutic effect that aren't available on other systems. For less than half the price, there is no reason to pay more. Initial contact, order placed and payment made within 24 hours and received in less than 5 days. Easy, efficient and effortless.. If you're considering a compression system, get these.
By Matt W. Dec 30, 2019

Why did I wait to purchase this !!!

In the last year two of my friends has bought Air Relax - I would use theirs. I am training for my 8th Ironman - my poor sore legs would ache at night and keep me up. So, for Mother’s Day my gift to myself I bought my own Air Relax. My legs are happier which makes better workouts. I even let my husband use it. We have hot tub, but Air Relax does a better job! My friend is getting one for Father Day.
By Rhonda D. June 11, 2019

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