I wasn't prepared to be this satisfied!

My wife and I couldn't be more happy with this product. I am 6'1" and she is 5'.....I was concerned that the leg sleeves would be too big and too long for her. Well, her legs are either longer than I thought or this product is truly versatile. It is very simple to operate .. Virtually plug & play.

I really like the mode options. It compresses in four segments ... Foot, calf, knee, thigh ... You can go up the leg one segment at a time or down the leg one segment at a time or the whole leg at once. Better yet, you want to isolate a segment? You can do that , too! And the power! This small machine packs a lot of it. I am truly impressed with the pressure, which is adjustable from a light squeeze to a powerfully bold, I-think-it's-gonna-squeeze-my-leg-off pressure.

Frankly, I haven't gone through a full 15 minute compression interval on 4 .... I power up to 2 and that's plenty for me. Two things to worry about ... 1. It can be addictive (they don't warn you about that..lol.). 2. It puts me to sleep about half the time. So, compress in a comfortable place (my recliner works best for me) and you might think twice about compressing while watching your favorite TV program or your favorite sports team in a crucial match. You are likely to sleep right through it.

Would I buy this product again. Yes, but I hope I don't have to for a long time. I am counting on your quality, AIR RELAX!
Would I buy this product for a friend? No...I don't think that much of any of my friends to dole out that kind of cash. But, I sure would highly recommend it to all of them.

So, I leave you with this expression, don't worry about depression as this little unit of compression will be one of your favorite possessions with a progression to obsession, definitely leaving a positive impression, session after session. And, that's my confession.

January 30, 2016

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