Lymphatic Fluid Control

I purchased my Air Relax for lymphatic fluid control in my feet and legs. I am 69 years old and my condition is not serious but it was, I said was until I went to a Occupational Therapist who specializes in lymphatic fluid issues. After about a month of treatments to get the fluid level under control, fit for the correct size for compression socks, I am back to normal. Now this swelling of my feet and legs really bothered me because I grew up around beaches still go to the beach in the summer and wear shorts and flip flops all summer. My doctor told me over a year ago that " you're getting older, this swelling happens, get a pair of compression socks and cut back on the salt." I could not accept that and after being treated by the Occupational Therapist was wondering what do I do when I'm wearing shorts, look even older wearing compression socks?

Well My wife saw a cheap compression pump in a magazine, the idea looked like it might work but I didn't want to buy something that wasn't good quality. I checked out Normatec and the other $1200 to $2000 units, but didn't want to spend that much on something that might not work. Neither my doctor or therapist really knew if these things would work. Then I found Air Relax on Amazon. Almost all the reviews were 4 to 5 stars and many people used it for fluid retention problems. I can definitively say that I am wearing shorts and flip flops, my legs and feet are back to normal and the Air Relax really does for me what compression socks do. My Air Relax is an absolutely amazing piece of equipment that is doing everything I hoped it would. As far as my fluid retention problems, this has given my life back to me. I could not possibly be happier, great job Air Relax.

By Chuck S.

September 13, 2017

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