When I travel I bring my Air Relax

Training for an Ironman is tough and it doesn’t help it than my training tends to be too hard. I just can’t help it. I go out harder than I should on some days and pay the price in injuries. Quad tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, peroneal tendonitis, calf cramps – I have tried them all and I have a large box of remedies to help fit and prevent them.

When I travel for work I bring a small bag for work clothes, a large bag for workout gear and a large bag for my stick, foam roller, lacrosse ball, ultrasound machine, rubber bands, heating bags, various muscle creams, etc. Well I use to. Now I just bring my Air Relax Recovery System. This miracle machine has changed my recovery and prevented any new injuries from surfacing. I feel great after using it and it fits in my workout bag, so it’s one less bag to bring on my trips.

By Michael Jensen. January 17, 2017

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