Team Air Relax: Brian, can you tell us about yourself?

Brian: I’m Brian, a husband, a parent of two adorable children, and a triathlon coach. I became the person I am today as a result of playing sports as a child.

Team Air Relax: what do you believe in?

Brian: I really believe that playing sports may make you a better person who will lead you on your life’s journey.

I’ve been competing in triathlons for the past 12 years, and I can now state with pride that I’ve never stopped trying to get better at each discipline. I might be getting older, but the grind is still there.

My wife, who was also my biggest support and fan, passed away in 2022.

I promised her that I would run all of my races in her honor.   

Team Air Relax: how did you discover Air Relax?

Brian: During one of my races in St. George, I discovered Air Relax. I was in the EXPO and prepared to purchase the other brand, which is also a nice brand, but by the time I went back to acquire it, they had already closed. When I got home, I was exploring the internet when I came across Air Relax.

I completed extensive study before ordering two units right away. One for my group and one for me. The rest is history after that.

Team Air Relax: your favorite drink?

Brian: just water!

Team Air Relax: your PRO tips and/ or recommendations to your followers.

Brian: My advice for anyone interested in sports, whether it’s for a healthy lifestyle or competitiveness. Simply do it and keep in mind the advantages it can provide. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are; what matters is the character that you build.