Davisleydi Velazco

Team Air Relax: Velazco, can you tell us about you?

Velazco: My name is Davisleydi Velazco, and I am a professional triple jump athlete in the sport of athletics (track & field). I have participated in the Olympic Games, World Championships of Athletics, Pan American Games, Central American & Caribbean Championships, and NACAC Championships.

Team Air Relax: how your usual training day or workout day looks like?

Velazco: My training days begin in the morning with intense workouts on the track for general, specific, and technical elements. Afterwards, I go to the gym to workout with the strength and weight training portion of my training program. In the evenings, I work on basic training elements and abdominal workouts. At the end of each day, I perform my recovery at home.

Team Air Relax: What would you say to someone who's starting to practice mindful recovery?

Velazco: Remain disciplined and patient to maintain recovery periods on a regular basis. Implementing a daily recovery program will extend your athletic career. In addition, compression recovery helps with circulation during the off-season and normal daily life.

Team Air Relax: Air Relax has helped you in your game/ race/ training/ or daily life.

Velazco: Using the Air Relax compression is one of the best decisions that has helped me improve my training and performance to obtain good results in the triple jump.

Team Air Relax: Velazco, thanks for your time and being our Brand Ambassador!