Luke Backes

Team Air Relax: Luke, can you tell us about yourself.

Luke: My name is Luke Backes. I was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I grew up in south Florida before joining the Army in 2006 as a Blackhawk Crewchief. I’ve lived in Germany, Washington State, Kentucky, and Tennessee while deploying dozens for various missions of times around the world. I’m married to my wife Crystina and have two daughters ages 8 and 5. I’m a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt training out of Renzo Gracie Clarksville. 

Team Air Relax: what is your inspiration? 

Luke: My inspiration is my family and an internal motivation to get the most of our my abilities and potential. 

Team Air Relax: your achievement/ accomplishment. 

Luke: My recent accomplishments within the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) are the 2022 Pan Am Champion, 2022 Masters World Open Weight Champion, 2023 European Champion and Open Weight Champion, and a 2023 Pan Am silver medalist. Currently world ranked #5 in the division. 

Team Air Relax: how did you discover Air Relax? 

Luke: I discovered Air Relax after going to a local physical recovery establishment. I tried the Air Relax boots and felt great results right away. 

Team Air Relax: your favorite drink? 

Luke: I’m a simple guy and really only drink water and black coffee with an occasional Gatorade during training.

Team Air Relax: your PRO tips. recommendations

Luke: My pro tips include getting adequate sleep and practicing good sleep hygiene like dimming lights before bed, not consuming caffeine after 12pm, limiting TV and Phone use before bed. Sleep is very underrated.

Team Air Relax: your contribution to the Planet Earth

Luke: My contribution to planet earth is my time in the military and my kids. Hopefully the work I’ve done to help those who are the most in need will have a lasting impact. Also, my goal is to raise my kids to make a difference for those around them. 

Team Air Relax: Luke, thanks for your time and being our Brand Ambassador!