Rami Hamed - Professional MMA fighter

Team Air Relax: Rami, can you tell us about you?

Rami: My name is Rami Hamed, I am a professional MMA fighter and have been competing in martial arts for over 18 years 9 of which as a professional. I hold a 2nd degree black belt in both Kickboxing and Taekwondo, a brown belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu, I also have a Graduate degree in Civil and Environmental engineering .

Team Air Relax: what do you believe in?

Rami: I believe that a healthy lifestyle and physical health is very important and it reflects on the overall quality of life  .

Team Air Relax: your achievement / accomplishment.

Rami: I competed in multiple disciplines and won multiple awards of which the most significant are 2010 Arab Thai-boxing championship (gold medal), 2016 Muay boran world Championship (gold medal). As a professional i have a record of 12-3 in MMA.

Team Air Relax: how did you discover Air Relax?

Rami: I always look into ways of improving my recovery boosting my performance in the ring/cage and upon extensive research I found air relax.

Team Air Relax: how do you maintain your shape?

Rami: I train 5-6 days a week for 3-4hrs each day, I maintain a healthy diet and use a broad of recovery equipment to stay in a good healthy shape.

Team Air Relax: your PRO tips and/ or Recommendations to your followers.

Rami: A tip for my followers is to invest in your recovery whether you are an athlete or just trying to stay healthy. Recovery is equally as important as hard training and a good diet.

Team Air Relax: Rami, thanks for your time and being our Brand Ambassador!