Saratoga Jockeys

Team Air Relax: Saratoga Jockeys, can you tell us about the team?

Saratoga Jockeys: The Saratoga Jockeys are an elite rugby 7s program providing opportunities for athletes to be recruited to the professional level.

Team Air Relax: what do you believe in?

Saratoga Jockeys: We compete in elite level competitions all over the world, playing against the best of the best. We believe in equal opportunity for athletes, and abide by important qualities like respect, loyalty, accountability, and integrity.

We strive to offer as much as possible to our players, helping them through tough situations, and giving them family-like support.

Team Air Relax: how did you discover Air Relax?  

Saratoga Jockeys: We learned about Air Relax through social media and found your products amongst recovery needs for high level athletes. 

Team Air Relax: your favorite drink? 

Saratoga Jockeys: Our team's favorite drink is water! Water hydrates us and keeps us hydrated to perform our best.

Team Air Relax: your PRO tips and/ or Recommendations to your followers.

Saratoga Jockeys: As a team we have gone through ups and downs, and it goes hand-in-hand with how recovery is treated, especially at high level competition with the intensity our bodies are put through. Beyond the rugby pitch, our program focuses on giving back. Whether we are playing in the United States or in an underdeveloped country, we always look for opportunities to help the local communities.