South Chicago Wheelman

Team Air Relax: Wheelmen, can you tell us about the team?

Wheelmen: South Chicago Wheelmen, is a renowned cycling team founded in 1923 in Chicago, IL. With an Elite roster of skilled riders specializing in various disciplines, including road, criterium, cyclocross, and track racing. SCW is recognized for its value to the community, the sport, and its members. With a focus on fostering elite and professional cyclists through sportsmanship, self-confidence, discipline, and junior development, our team embodies the spirit of competitive cycling.

Team Air Relax: what do you believe in?

Wheelmen: We believe in the transformative power of cycling to positively impact lives. We are passionate about promoting the sport of cycling, fostering grassroots racing, and providing opportunities for cyclists of all ages to participate in safe, organized events. Our core values include dedication to excellence, commitment to community engagement, and a relentless pursuit of personal and team growth both on and off the bike.

Team Air Relax: how did you discover Air Relax? 

Wheelmen: As cyclists we are constantly looking for that next competitive edge. We discovered Air Relax after a long day in the saddle while looking for recovery products on Instagram.

Team Air Relax: your favorite drink? 

Wheelmen: While our preferences may vary, as a team dedicated to maintaining peak performance and optimal health, we prioritize hydration and nutrition through our partners at the Feed. However one drink our whole team enjoys is a good cup of COFFEE!

Team Air Relax: your PRO tips and/ or Recommendations to your followers.

Wheelmen: Our PRO tips include prioritizing consistent training, listening to your body for proper recovery, but most important is to remember to have fun along the way—embracing the joy of cycling is essential for long-term enjoyment and success. With discipline, a holistic approach to wellness, and a sense of fun, cyclists can unlock their full potential.

Team Air Relax: Team SCW, thanks for your time and being our Brand Ambassador!