Air Relax Pro Recovery Boots Review: Under Pressure (The Good Kind)

What You Need To Know

  • These boots aren’t made for walkin’
  • But they do feel like a cozy bear hug for your sore legs
  • Honestly, the boots are fancier than my first car
  • Available now for up to $995 (Discounted price)

BRANDON: If you’ve been in the running world long enough, somebody somewhere has told you that recovery is the key to a more successful and sustainable running career. They’re not wrong, recovery is more important than most of us give it credit for. There are tons of studies that prove it, too, lending legitimacy to everything from a foam roller to an ice bath. Companies are getting in on the sky-high demand for recovery products, and I get to try them out. I was pretty stoked to find out that the Air Relax Pro Recovery Boots were on their way to me.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, at least promise me you’ll take this one piece of advice: There will never be a better recovery system than a good night’s sleep and proper nutrition. Alright, on to it.

Air Relax is a recovery company that prides itself on developing state-of-the-art technology to improve muscle and circulatory recovery. They sent me their AR-4.0 Recovery System to try out, complete with all the bells and whistles. The system comes with an AR-4.0 Control Unit, the leg sleeves, hose bundle, AC power supply, and a large 38L carrying case and power bank for life on the go.

Fair warning, the complete set tips the scales (or burns your wallet) to the tune of $1,250. It’s not exactly cheap, but how do you put a price on your health?air-relax-pro-layout

The Good

BRANDON: Let’s break it down, piece by piece, starting with the boots and the AR-4.0 Recovery System. The boots strap nicely around each bag and are comprised of six compression chambers. It might sound like a lot of sections, but they’re meant to replicate a more anatomically accurate human leg — tighter in some places, looser in others. The design is slick, with uncompromisingly strong zippers and durable nylon fabric to help the chambers expand and contract. All I’m trying to say is that you won’t have to worry about breaking a zipper or popping a chamber… ever.

The AR-4.0 Recovery System is fancier than most interfaces in cars, with a 5.5-inch LCD built-in. It allowed me to customize my recovery experience with 14 levels of pressure, customizable chamber selection, and various recovery plans. An optional power bank can provide you with three extra hours of juice while away from a wall socket. The 38L carrying case is small enough to fit as a carry-on yet big enough to fit all of the items mentioned above with room left over for a day or two’s worth of clothing, making it an ideal traveling companion.

I can sum it up by saying you’ll have a pretty amazing recovery experience. Oh, and the entire process is pretty quiet, which is nice if you want to throw on the Air Relax Pro boots while you catch up on House of the Dragon. I’ve been using them for a week straight, and I don’t see myself breaking that streak.


The Bad

BRANDON: The obvious elephant in the room is that all in, you can end up dropping $1,250 for the Air Relax Pro with all of the bells and whistles. If you want to save a little cash, you can grab a smaller, less customizable setup for around $575. It’s still not cheap, but it’s a little better.

I like the idea of Air Relax’s optional power bank and carrying case, but they could have been better executed. The case adds little more than a way to keep things organized, and I mostly use the boots at home. That goes hand in hand with not needing the power bank, as there are more than enough outlets around my house. I’m sure some people will like the added portability, but the entire package isn’t all that light, so I won’t be lugging it around.


Air Relax Pro Recovery Boots Conclusion

BRANDON: The Air Relax Pro AR-4.0 Leg Recovery System is amazing, but it can be a tough sell at $1,250. That’s a lot of money, especially compared to other recovery alternatives like rollers and ice baths. However, the Air Relax Pro is a safe bet if you are looking for a top-notch leg recovery system. You can customize your preference of boots, sleeves, and systems for a full-body experience — at a price.

Since bringing the Air Relax Pro into my life, I’ve noticed a major shift in my recovery and overall wellness. My legs feel less tired and more ready to go on hard workout days — even as marathon season arrives. As I mentioned earlier, sleep and nutrition are still my one and two, but this AR-4.0 system is a powerful number three.



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