The Best Gift Ideas for Triathletes and Runners.

Race Medal Hanger

Race medal hangers are a great way to display athlete's hard earned race medals. 

race medal hanger


Lap Counter

lap counter

If the triathlete in your life isn’t already using a fancy Garmin watch that tracks laps in the pool, consider an affordable lap counter. Pool swimming can be monotonous, and being able to think about something other than “oh no – I lost count!” can help relax you and ease your tension while swimming so that you can focus on what you’re there to do.


Acupressure Mat


acupressure mat

One of the things that all runners need is a reminder to SLOW down, but just telling them to do that rarely works. Instead giving runners a gift that is going to help them become a better runner by releasing muscle tension, helping with pain and giving an energy boost.

Bike Book or iPad Caddy


ipad caddy

When the weather drives a biker inside this can save the day! First you can put books on it to read OR you can put something like a tablet on there to watch tv, stream videos etc. Passing hours on the bike goes much quicker this way.

Compression Systems and Foam Rollers

Training for triathlons is hard work and it’s hard on your body, and compression is key for muscle recovery after big brick workouts or races. The compression recovery systems or simply a foam roller will help an athlete to recover from the stress and strain of training and racing.

Membership to a triathlon or running club.

Clubs are a great way to meet friends with similar interests, find training partners, and get information to help further your skills. Many clubs have membership fees less than $50 for the year - if your triathlete isn’t a member already, surprise them with a membership! Clubs can also offer discounts to local and online retailers, as well as on local race registrations that can benefit the athlete year-round.


By Cynthia and Amanda

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