Oscillation (swinging vibration) and lineal (percussion vibration) massagers have been in existence for a long time. After years of observation, the Air Relax saw a need for an alternate vibration type and decide to develop a triplanar (swinging vibration + percussion vibration) massage device.

Comparing to Lineal and oscillation motions, a triplanar vibration has differently designed motor and pulley system. The reason behind its name is because the vibrating massage head does not move only vertically up and down - it also moves horizontally, which makes this masssager unique. Triplanar vibration and lineal vibration can sometimes be associated with a percussion movement, despite they have very different mechanisms.


The linear machine moves straight up and down, and therefore has a hammer-like movement. This would build muscles but will be harsh on the body. When combined with the oscillation vibration motion that moves front-and-back (or side-by-side), the linear motion becomes a lot easier on the joints, bones and the overall effect on the body.

Triplanar vibration technology is a great path on which the linear (percussion) massage device has evolved. Triplanar vibration massage device is built for health maintenance, sports recovery, blood circulation improvement, detox or lymph drainage.

 by Air Relax, 2019

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