Air Relax is top of the heap

Look No Further!

It's interesting how complicated buying a product can be these days with so much available information. I did I cryotherapy session and they had Normatec leg and arm devices for us to use. While a wonderful experience, they were not overly powerful, so I was curious if some device was stronger. That led me to the AR-2.0 from air relax, but I saw a review for the 4.0 with a Game Ready device in the picture. I have that and it's wonderful, and he mentioned if he had the choice, he'd get the AR-4.0.
air relax pro
Bottom line, the 4.0 is a premium product that delivers in every way. All the people I've had try it say it's high quality too. I wish I could have gotten the battery, but it's out of stock because it's popular. You're not going to go wrong getting a venous return device, but Air Relax is top of the heap. By Frank S.

The Air Relax Legs, Arms, and Shorts Recovery System

I was going through a lot of physical and mental pain and a family member was using this product. I saw how it saved her life and how she lost 35 lbs. I started using the recovery system consistently everyday alternating to every other day cycles. My pain began to be less and my strength and range of motion improved GREATLY. I'm on the mend and look forward to using this system long term.

I am a retired Fitness Professional of 28 years and this Recovery System has done so much for me. I am grateful for it. It is worth the investment. Quality product and a quality company. Don't wait. Start as soon as possible. By Lisa B.

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