Can you imagine a sport that works every single muscle in your body to the point of no return? Think of swimming. The only sport which coaches yell at us for breathing. For me, I am a breaststroker, so my legs are being used more than any other swimmer doing another stroke. This is an article review about a varsity swimmer. My name is Matthew Gauthier and I am a varsity swimmer for the Thompson Rivers University in Canada. Breaststroke uses about 80% of power though the legs. Remember, water is about 830 times denser than air. So, when are swimming it is very demanding on our muscles.

AIR RELAX PLUS REVIEWIf you are unfamiliar with a varsity swimmers schedule, let me explain it to you. We train 8 times a week (yes that includes double practices). In the water, each swim session is likely to be about 5 to 8 kilometers in the pool depending on where we are in the season. We train CrossFit/lifting 3 times a week for about an hour and a half to two. On top of all of that, we are all university students. We have to find time in our super busy schedules to recovery properly and get the rest that we need to get up the following day at 4:45 am to repeat this intensive cycle.

For me, I am always looking for the advantage in and out of the pool. The advantage I was looking for was a better recovery method than any of my competition. I have tried massage guns, vibrating foam rollers, you name it. I have tried all of the recovery tools I can find to try and edge me ahead of other swimmers.

AR-3.0 REVIEWUntil one day, I stumbled upon Air Relax through my own research. The Air Relax was an amazing price with even better reviews. After purchasing the Air Relax, I waited the longest 4 days in my life to receive the unit. I was just so excited. I got the carrying case with It as well as I am traveling a lot for competition. When I got the unit, I put it to use right away. I would use it two times every single day. Once anytime in the morning and then another time after my swim practice.

When I am using the machine, I use the “F” mode. This means full legs. All the chambers full in succession and then release in succession for 15 or 30 minutes. You can also target areas in the legs with this machine as well as use the sequential and peristaltic modes.

After about a week I start to feel results. My legs felt like they can do a lot more. After a couple weeks of using the Air Relax, I was off to University Nationals. I brought the Air Relax with me, thanks to the carrying case. At the meet I was able to finish 6th in the country! It was the best ranking I have ever gotten in my career. It goes to show that a good recovery helps fuel your sport.

Air Relax Swimmer review To close, air relax helps me fully recovery whether it would be for the next practice in the pool, the next lifting session in the gym, or the next championship race I have. If you are a swimmer or any athlete for that matter that is looking for ways to better recover, give Air Relax a go.

By  Matthew Gauthier on April 21, 2022

Matthew Gauthier is varsity swimmer for the Thompson Rivers University in Canada.

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