Transformed our recovery routine

Transformed our recovery routine

I coach cross country and track and have been looking for a better way to help my athletes recover after a hard work out to be ready to go at the next one.  We also wanted to be able to help them in track when they are running multiple events in a day to recover in between. 

With the sets of Air Relax Plus systems that we got; we have changed our recovery routine in a big way.  For me as the coach, I hear the kids talk about how good they feel after using them which is a big difference from before.  They used to talk about sore legs or not feeling it in a subsequent workout, but now they feel like they are back to normal much faster.  It was a great purchase and we'll be adding more sets soon.

By Tim L.  11/03/2021


Just What the Legs Need

I had tried out the Air Relax Leg Recovery System at one of my local running stores after a training session early last year. My legs felt great afterwards and I quickly put the boots on my wish list. I probably would have gotten them last year if the world hadn't gone haywire and races weren't cancelled.

Forward to this year and deciding to do the Boston Virtual Marathon and I know that I would definitely need them during training since I would be covering distances that I haven't done before. They have been a really great asset in helping my legs recover. My husband tried them out and really likes them as well. Definitely worth the money and I recommend them highly to everyone I talk to. By the way, if you are a plus size woman and unsure, I wear a size 16-18 pants/leggings and these fit my thicker thighs and calves just fine.

By Lynn K.  08/28/2021

Twisted Ankle put me on the couch

It’s been months since I stepped off my bike after a ride & landed on the side of my foot instead of the sole. This painfully set off both my legs trying to recover. My legs ached after hikes when I’d recovered enough to walk again. After using the leg recovery Air Relax the muscle knots in my legs have reduced significantly & I’m hiking in more comfort. I use it after longer hikes now to keep my legs happy! Thanks.

By Sandra H.  07/05/2021


Excellent product

my son has had these for a while and I have now used them about 2 dozen times in 2 week or so . I have found them to provide instant relief from muscle aches and I can state objectively that they do seem to have improved the basic use of my legs (I have NO serious problem than old age and overuse, localized (to the Vastus muscle groups and ****** femoris) rhabdoymyoliss. I would recommend these for people who need some more serious daily massage.

By John M.  06/01/2021

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