Air Relax Accelerates Recovery and Deepest Sleep

Air Relax Accelerates Recovery and Deepest Sleep

Simple and easy to use right out of the box. First time I used it I passed out down stairs in living room. Ha ha ha. My teen daughter took pics of me while laughing and happy for me to sleep so soundly. It’s a near daily occurrence and when I’m extra sore from either indoor/outdoor rock climbing or bodybuilding/weightlifting. I know for certain recovery is much faster. Automatic shut off is nice, too. Absolutely love it and enthusiastically recommend Air Relax to everyone. Thank you for making this. Semper Fi & Ductus Exemplo.

By John K. on 5/29/2021

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One of the best decision I made.

I have never known anyone who use this type of device before but since my broken leg is always cold and numbed due to inactivity after the surgery I decided to give this a try. The package was delivered early. The devices was well protected but quite easy to removed from box and set up. I was literally start using it within 5 minutes. The included instructions was basic but I have no problem performing most of the functions after reading it.

This device is, in my view anyways, like a giant blood pressure arm cuff. The air pressure inflate the sock and it in turns squeeze my leg. There are programs you can choose for inflation sequence and order of various parts (foot/ ankle, calf, knee, thigh). So all these inflation and deflation squeezes and forces blood flowing through out the legs. My cold and numbed leg felt warm and toasty after just 15 minutes. It also seems to help with improving range of motion on my bad ankle. Since the day it arrived, I have use it at least 3 times a day. It's that comfortable.

By Eddie Chen on 05/10/2021

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Exactly as expected

My physio therapist recommended purchasing a personal Air Relax. It has been part of my weekly treatment in their office and now it is part of my daily routine at home. The air relax has been integral in managing my lymphedema.  The item arrived exactly as expected and in perfect working order. Delivery was quick and setup was incredibly easy. Getting started was a breeze.

By Tiffany on 04/13/2021

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