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 Its been another odd cross-country ski season. Too warm, too cold, sparse new snow, not enough ski time. I got flabby in the core. A pulled hip flexor was a nasty surprise. The rebuilding process involves exercise, liquid and solid protein, and the Air Relax Shorts. I have the entire system. With sore muscles, specifically the lower core, the Shorts are my fix. The entire lower core area gets worked over well including the hips and gluts. With the additional coverage down the thighs, there is no pinching.

After protein intake, I will start with a comfortable pressure to loosen the muscles up. I run this till the timer stops, then start again. I will use higher pressure to saturate the muscles with protein rich blood for a brief time. I turn the pressure down and may repeat the described massage routine. The next day, I am not sore. Having said that, I am not "bombing" muscles like a bodybuilder does, not yet. The leg cuffs have been a big help in repairing yet another injury, a hyper extended knee. A week later I can almost run on it again.

By Jeff B. on March 12, 2018

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Aged long distance runner Air-Relax fan

 I am a 53 year old runner who averages 50 miles per week. My running streak is over 1,000 days of running at least one mile each day. Consequently, I experience injuries on occasion. I have the Air-Relax boots, waist cuff, and shorts. The boots and shorts have helped me with my most recent knee issue (which is partially rooted in a hip tension issue). I highly recommend the Air-Relax system and attachments for prevention and recovery of daily activity and injuries.

By Todd T. on December 07, 2017

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They work great!

 As a marathon runner I put on a lot of miles. My right hip tends to get trigger points that I have either have been rolling out with a ball or if it got really bad I'd have dry needling done on it to release the trigger points that way. As soon as I saw these shorts were for sale, I knew I needed them. I had a marathon 1 week out so I ordered them right away hoping they would arrive on time so I could use them. They came on a Wednesday and I started using them twice a day for 15-30 minutes per session.

By marathon day, between using my boots and the shorts I felt very loosened up. This was a very hilly marathon in Madison, WI and I ran my 3rd fastest of 26 marathons 2:40:40 (PR is 2:38:24.) I do occasionally still have to get a couple of spots on my hip with the assistance of a baseball, but they come out much easier now that I have the shorts and the rest of the muscles are loosened up. I've found for me I get the best results using modes B and C. Mode A doesn't really seem to do anything for me.

 By T.J. Schmidt on December 07, 2017

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