A MIRACLE device regarding the Air-Relax
BEST product on the market especially the LOW price provided

NOT all cuffs are as powerful as AIR RELAX -- these are 230 mm Hg while many are substandard at 110 mm Hg. My friend paid $1,400 and they are the same as my cuffs. MY STORY: l was within 16 points of needing kidney dialysis. When you have blood work -- look for your GFR, BUN, and Creative Clearance scores as these are kidney lab tests. For my age I should have a GFR of 85. My GFR was 31 which puts me at the bottom of stage 3 kidney disease 2 points away from stage 4 kidney disease. Stage 5 is a GFR of 15. A LOW GFR is like putting cement in a washing machine.

Dialysis is done at GFR of 15. After 6 months of daily use of AIR RELAX treatments my kidney doctor told me I no longer needed to see him. My kidneys are cured. I was on the highest dose of blood pressure drugs and gradually he reduced the blood pressure drugs to 40 milligrams 20 milligrams 10 milligrams and then he told me to go off entirely as my BP was consistently 85/65. No blood pressure drugs, my kidneys are perfect, and my blood pressure is perfect. I'm very happy.

I have a huge medical background of teaching anatomy & physiology and pharmacology, also a nurse, and sold the entire cardiology and cholesterol drugs, Merck & CO Pharmaceuticals. The blood pressure is controlled by kidney function. If your kidneys are not working properly then your blood pressure goes Higher and Higher! Which means your kidneys are not filtering all of the toxins out of your blood. I just had surgery and you need blood to heal so used my AIR RELAX cuffs. In fact every single cell in your body needs a good blood supply. Go to YouTube and search EECP kidneys or EECP heart failure. There are 750 major hospitals such as John Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic that using these SAME cuffs to increase blood circulation.

This is like jump starting your car only you're jump starting your kidneys, heart, blood flow, preventing leg cramps. If you have any heart disease this is the same method used to treat heart failure. The heart failure clinics use the similar cuffs that pump at 280 and these cuffs at the highest setting is in the 230 range. WOW!! It's like the best foot & leg massage ever! Also is considered a non-surgical "heart bypass." Pushing the blood up creates collateral arteries in the heart. Think of a river tha has a sudden down pour of rain -- the river over glows and creates tributaries. Vollah!

Prevents macular degeneration because of the added blood flow through the very small arterioles that provide blood to the eye that has obstructed due to plaque. Get a $50 test called 'Coronary Calcium Artery Score' this test will tell you precisely the health of your heart. I had a low cholesterol score of 140 and a calcium score of 631. The best score is '0' -- all presidents have to have this test and all astronauts have to have a '0' score. Watch the documentary 'Widow Maker' on Netflix etc. Additionally, there not a better solution for Lymphodemia. Oh yes, we could go on and on with prevention and treatment.

February 2017 my kidney doctor said 'Marcia, you do not need to see me any longer.' ZERO blood pressure drugs after using the cuffs an hour a day for 6 months. I was taking higher and higher doses OVER a span of 25 years. The day my new frolic just told me I did not need to come back my blood pressure was 127/65. WOW!! I'm happy the air relax has saved my life! One final point: my cardiologist did a stress test 6 months after a started the AIR RELAX cuffs and he said, " Marcia, you crushed this test. If all my patients did this well, I'd be poor!"

By Marcia Renner

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