An Athletes Review of Air Relax

I always enjoy honest reviews, especially from qualified individuals who use the products to help them achieve amazing results. Hopefully this review falls within that scope. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them, rate this as positive if it helps you.
I am an ex collegiate tennis player turned volleyball player. I currently am a starting middle blocker for the USAV Men's Masters team. Feel free to YouTube or Google Scott Cross USAV.

I bought this on Amazon and received the product within 2 days. I was able to get an immediate response from the seller and was shipped a longer set of leg sleeves in the box. There are plenty of reviews on the function of the AirRelax so I won't bore you with those details. It works exactly as described and I have had it for 10 days.

We are just getting ready to start our season. I am finishing an intensive weight lifting program and off season conditioning. Off season I play full court basketball 3 days a week, lift for legs hard 3 days, and do plyometrics another 2 days. I play with some ex NBA, AVP, and Olympic athletes. That's where I heard about air compression. I have worn compression leggings and socks for 5 years but was looking for the next thing in recovery.

I use this sometimes before and always after workouts. I use mode A before and mode B after. I use both modes on level 3 and have successfully used level 4. Personally I don't see more gains from that level.

On back to back days you can expect a 5% to 10% gain in "freshness". Obviously it is difficult to quantify results as there are so many variables. Most of us who consider ourselves full time athletes have almost maxed our mental game, diet, nutrition, and workouts. 5-10% is an excellent improvement in recovery at this level.
I look forward to a follow up review as the season progresses. I average 170 full out max jumps per day in tournament play and we can play for 3 days straight. A perfect testing ground for air compression.

Good luck with your system and I hope you have a positive result.

By Scott Cross

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