If you have limited mobility....

At various times when we've had procedures performed at a hospital, they have used compression devices to prevent blood clots and pooling of fluids during recovery.

We ordered this product to provide the same benefits and relief at home. We were hoping to find something similar to what we had used in the hospital, and we have been very pleased. Every component is of high quality, and overall it's very easy to use.

If you have limited mobility, you may find an additional pair of hands helpful in putting on and zipping up the legs, but I feel that most people won't have an issue. Hooking everything together into the air pump is very straightforward - if you can, it's easiest to just leave everything connected between uses. T

he manual does take a little a little effort to understand, especially concerning the controller; however, once you find a setting that you really enjoy, it's easy to enter that short sequence of buttons each time you use it.

We did contact the seller after we bought the product, and found them be very responsive, helpful, and committed to making sure we were happy with our purchase. I would have no hesitation in buying from them in the future.

on February 12, 2016

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