Great product, Great experience, Great value

I have been a runner and triathlete since 2004 and have tried other comparable recovery pump systems. In early September my good friend and training partner insisted I borrow his Air Relax system for the month leading up to my marathon in early October and I was blown away by how much better I felt during and after my workouts when using this once daily.

I had a 6min PR marathon and was convinced that the Air Relax was a big factor in that achievement. I had some questions before purchasing and had an email response within an hour. The purchase process online was simple, and it shipped that afternoon. It arrived in a couple days in perfect condition and I used it after a run last night and felt as good as ever! Great recovery AND training tool for the serious athlete for a fraction of the price of competitors! Highly recommend for athletes looking for an edge.

By Nathan S. on 12/10/2020

rapid reboot

Best investment for recovery/injury prevention

My coach has been bugging me and insisting I invest money in this system for quite a while now. I am happy he did and even happier I decided to pull the trigger. These are great quality and get the job done! Love using them daily as part of my training/recovery process and use them even for longer periods of time after hard intense training and races.

By Jose R. on 12/14/2020

normatec review

LOVE my Air Relax Recovery System

I absolutely love this product!! I got this as a Christmas gift from my husband and I am so glad he got it! Everything from the leg boots, hook up, carrying bag and machine are built very well and no details were left out! It’s easy to hook up, set up and use right out of the bag. I needed this system so much!! I do a lot of heavy training, running, racing and functional fitness competitions. This will and already has helped my legs to recover from intense workouts. I highly recommend this product for anyone at any caliber of training!!

By Jason L. on 12/27/2020

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