I became aware of Air Relax when a discussion came up on a Facebook group

I became aware of Air Relax when a discussion came up on a Facebook group, I am a member for Track cyclists regarding what people thought of a different brand of leg massage systems. A friend here in my local community shared that he and his 2 teens use quite frequently the Air Relax pants after cross country, alpine skiing, and cycling. He also shared how demand there was just between the 3 of them.

Now that I have used my Air Relax pants for the past 2 weeks, I cannot imagine having to share my unit with 2 other people! I think my usual routine is to use my unit for 60+ plus minutes nightly and especially after weightlifting or cycling earlier that day. Other track cyclists who own leg massage pants state that the "return on investment" in comparison to paying for a massage therapist, makes owning a unit a money saver in the long run.

I would also concur. Also, having the Air Relax is so much less inconvenient as making appointments or driving to the local massage therapists. Love my Air Relax pants! The price point of these vis a vis other brands makes me very happy that I paid close to 50% lower other comparable products and that included purchasing an additional 1 year of warranty coverage and an excellent storage case which I plan on using when I travel with my unit. Thank you Air Relax! 5 Stars isn't high enough of a rating!

By Ken D. on 02/17/2021

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