Constant pain and swelling in my knee that would not go away despite treatment, therapy...

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The Air Relax Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager is amazing! I was hesitant to buy it because of the price, but I was at the point where I felt like I had to do something! After two separate knee injuries to my left leg in the last 8 months, I had almost constant pain and swelling in my knee that would not go away despite treatment, (at home) therapy, etc.

However, after two weeks of daily use of the Air Relax Leg Massager, the pain in my knee is greatly GREATLY reduced and the swelling is virtually gone! My leg feels better than it has in 8+ months. I no longer cringe when having to stand up for fear of pain shooting through my knee. And that's just after two weeks. Granted, it wasn't the "overnight miracle" that I was hoping for, but daily consistent use (sometimes 3x a day) has really worked wonders. I love to do a session of "mode A" on pressure level 2, followed immediately by another session on level 3. It's gotten to where I'm sad when it ends because it's so relaxing and feels so good. Great to do right before bed time - I'm positive I'm sleeping better too!

My husband wants to try it, but I haven't given him the chance! FWIW, I'm about 5'3" and the length is no problem. My whole foot up to almost the top of my thigh is covered and it feels so good!

on October 29, 2016

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