Unexpected benefit!

i have MS which causes difficulty walking. Recently while in the hospital for an unrelated matter I had to use a leg compression unit. During my 4 X daily walks through the halls I noticed I was walking better. My husband also noticed the improvement.

In trying to decide what caused the improvement we knew the leg compression machine was the only thing that had been changed. With this knowledge I began reading and researching a unit for use in my home. The Air Relax Air Compression Leg Massager stood out above all so we took the chance and went with it.

The unit arrived well packaged, timely, and included an easy to understand manual. It wasn't long before I was up and going. After only one use I could already feel the improvement!

This unit is of better quality and has far superior options than the one in the hospital! Both my husband and I highly recommend this unit (he had to try it too and he is hooked)! Thank you AIR RELAX for improving my life. Julie Harris

on January 23, 2016

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