Enhances blood circulation and enables a restful night of deep sleep!

Increased Blood Circulation and better Sleep.
 I bought this to increase blood circulation in my legs; too many years sitting at a desk and not visiting the gym as often. It works well ! A surprising benefit was how well I sleep afterwards - this product really helps me relax and enjoy a full night of deep sleep !!!! Even if I'm exhausted, I've learned that I still sleep much better if I use this just before lights out. To help me wind down, I don't read very long, and I don't watch TV or listen to music. I use a single bulb bedside table lamp (dimly lit room), and may run it for 2 cycles. I've literally fallen asleep a few times near the end of the cycle(s). It has 3 different programs with the ability to increase pressure, if needed.

I have thin legs and this product still does the trick.

By Houston Blonde on January 20, 2018


 Severe Hemophilia


I love this product. I have too many health issues to list, but of few of these issues causes great deal of pain in my legs. I also have 1 issue (Severe Hemophilia) that worried me about purchasing & using this product. So #1 I went to my Hematologist first. I showed him the product & he gave me the green light to try this. Just because my Dr. gave me the green light doesn't in any way mean that this product is safe for you, so go to your own Dr. 1st & foremost before you buy & or use it..

I set this up so it starts from bottom to top. I use it on low setting & I usually fall asleep it feels wonderful, but doesn't always get all of the fluids out of my legs.

If fluids are not all gone & some now minor discomfort & swelling still exists, then I re-run it this time on medium pressure & all is perfect in the end. Both cycles I leave on factory set time @ 15min.

When I first bought this for swelling & pain I ran it 3 times the first week, and then once the second week, & now for the pain aspect just when ever, I even gone a month without it for the pain aspect. For the massage aspect & just for a good feeling I run it when ever I want to, no real time deal on that. Just when it pops in my head& I think OMG that would feel great right about now, & God knows I have 15min to spare.

So with everything I just told you, if your Dr. gives you the green light & you have the money this is a great purchase. It is very easy to use, and to set up. I also use mens leggings (NOT COMPRESSION or TIGHTS). I wear these just because I'm lazy, and don't want to put my bare legs in. Just in case they would happen sweat, then I would have that clean up in the compression chambers. That will help keep your chamber nice and dry. An easy clean-up.

By IPlayNice (Amazon Customer) on June 02, 2018

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