Compression Therapy. WOW! SO RELAXING!

Helps with Knee Pain.

Air Relax is a wonderful product that I recommend to anyone. You don't have to need this recovery system to enjoy the benefits. I'm using it for knee issues and I also have asthma so I cannot be too active so this really helps on days I am sitting a lot. I also use it because it just feels great! I used to work as a certified chiropractic therapist and really enjoyed the compression therapy. I had to get this, the quality is great, don't go cheap and get one that doesn't do the job. I love that you can add on to this unit. I can't wait to purchase some of the other options.

Compression Therapy

I've noticed so much improvement in just the few weeks I've had it. I'm 5'1" / 160lbs and the size 2 (legs) fits great with room to spare. I've done a lot of research and this is the best for your money! We have local spas that offer this type of service and it's $20 for 15min. I love not having to travel and be able to enjoy this in the privacy of my own home whenever I wish. 

 By Kimberly Bon on May 07, 2018


The best purchase we have made!

 Purchased this device for my father who suffers from diabetes-related leg swelling and fluid build-up. He has used it twice a day for about a month now and there is a noticeable improvement in his condition. He has reported less fluid drainage and both his legs are not as swollen as they were before he began using the device. The device is very easy to operate with simple, clear instructions. The slide-on boots fit around his legs even with bandages on and they are made well with good quality zippers.

Diabetes-related leg swelling

I am very happy that my family purchased this device for him and hope to see even more progress as he keeps using it. Also would like to commend the seller for following up with emails to me to make sure we are happy. My brother was also able to reach a representative by phone who was very helpful with advice on how to get the most out of the device.

 By Reed A. Retting on December 4, 2017

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