Great for athletes of all shapes and sizes

Before buying this product, I researched extensively online about sequential compression systems and whether they actually help, and everything I found and everyone I talked to that had one all agreed that few recovery methods are more beneficial.

However, I am 6' 5" with extremely skinny legs, so I was worried that the leg sleeves wouldn't inflate enough to create any significant compression. After the customer service team suggested I get size 3 sleeves, I decided that I could sacrifice a bit of length for better compression.

 high school distance runner

After using the Air Relax system twice a day for a week, I can say that this is the best tool I have ever used for recovery (I'm a serious high school distance runner). To ensure that the sleeves fit my whole leg, I simply stick my feet slightly out the end, since I'm not really concerned with getting compression on my toes. Also, for people with wider legs, I'm sure the extension cuffs make this product suitable for people of every body type (though I have not tried these).

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to speed up the recovery process with sore legs for whatever sport/activity you may be involved in. Before I got Air Relax, my goal of running sub 4:30 in the 1600m seemed impossible, but now, I can train harder than ever before and still feel fresh in every interval session.

compression leg

Air Relax's commitment to keeping low prices makes this product available to non-professional athletes, so I am extremely grateful for that and would definitely buy it again given the chance.

By Kyle B on Jan 21, 2019

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