Maximize Your Post Workout Recovery

bicycling training camp

I purchased the compression leg massager by Air Relax after using a friend's system during a bicycling training camp. The Air Relax was very reasonable priced, actually compresses better than the medical grade device I borrowed from my friend, and is super easy to figure out.

The package arrived quickly and the purchase was hassle free. I love this device so much, I just purchased the hips add on and am thinking of buying the arm sleeve next. I am using this product for muscle and lymph recovery after long bike rides and runs, as well as for late night restless leg syndrome.

It appears to me also that my major varicose veins are not so plump looking AND I have ankles for the first time in years. That makes me extra happy. The Air Compression Massager indeed works well by increasing the blood circulation and also just feels great.





This was one of those purchases that exceeded my expectations. The unit shipped quickly and was properly packaged. I've used the Air Relax pants every day after cycling training for two weeks now and am pleased with the quality of the pants and air hosing.

With proper care, they should last an appropriate length of time to help you feel like you really got your money's worth. The air compressor and control options are simplistic, reflecting the price point of this unit. However, they are truly functional and quiet enough to use while watching TV.

This will never replace a good massage therapist, but its a decent alternative given the unit's cost and convenience.

By Rick P. on Nov 14, 2018

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