Improves circulation; reduces leg pain

This was a bit of gamble for me; I had no idea if it would help me at all, as I have been trying for 8 years without success to get my illness diagnosed. By the end of the day my legs are very painful; my circulation is poor and my legs/feet swell somewhat upon standing. Supposedly my heart is the culprit. I get to the point where my legs hurt so much I cannot walk without forearm crutches. I started using this at the end of the day, and sometimes in the morning if my legs already hurt. It definitely improves circulation. I can feel the blood moving and it makes my legs warmer.

As previous users mentioned, the directions aren't easy to understand. (They're translated weird.) But this product is VERY easy to use. Zip up the leg sleeves (they are labeled LEFT and RIGHT), fasten the velcro at the top, and press "On." That's it. You can select between 3 different programs that vary the massage. You can select 4 different pressure levels. I was worried these wouldn't work for me, because they were labeled "large" and I'm only 5'6" 103 lbs, but even for me, the lowest pressure level is perfect. This will really massage any size leg, I would think! It massages from the foot all the way to the top of the thigh on me.

I LOVE this massager and plan to use it everyday for the foreseeable future! I think anyone who has poor circulation, ends the day with sore legs/feet, or just likes leg massages would thoroughly enjoy this product.

on September 4, 2015

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