It is a lot of money but it is worth it hands down...

I have had this for 1 wk now and from day 1 i notice a difference in my feet and legs. i have a lot of what everyone else here has with the foot pain of being diabetic and with very messed up spine. what i have notice so far after using it in the evening time which is when I'm at my recliner to watch TV. i have been using all 3 modes depending on whats going on with my legs and feet.

main thing is now i don't get the massive leg cramps and spasms anymore when i am sleeping plus now when i go to a store like walmart or menards . is that my legs don't start to cramp up or spasm anymore like they did plus i can now get my shopping done in 1 night and not 2 to 3 nights like normal. because of the spasm and cramps and beside my left thigh going so numb that it hurts which is another thing i have wrong.

all i can say is take the chance at getting some kind of relief from your leg/feet pain like i did i do know it is a lot of money but it is worth it. i even started not to take my lyrica anymore since it wasn't doing anything for me anyways even at 100mg twice a day. and beside my lower leg and feet look a lot better and dont look like my thighs as well.. another plus

on September 23, 2015

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