Great marathon recovery option!

 The product exceeded all my expectations. I originally purchased it because I had read that Ultra-marathoners were using these to help will recovery while training and after a race. In my case I'm working on running a marathon in each state. I had set of marathons where I ran 5 marathons in 5 days in 5 different state. This is the perfect product, post marathon each day I would use it for two cycles (1/2 hours). Then I had to drive to the next location which as about 3hr away. Before going to sleep I would do one or two more cycles.

When I've done these types of marathon in the past I would have knee problem by about the third marathon. This year no issues with the knees. One of the surprises was how well it worked after just long drive. (To get to the first marathon the drives were 850 miles, just a long time driving). Thank you from Running America one marathon at a Time (26 states down!)

By Tom McCourton on April 30, 2018

Just GOOD! Addictive.

(I've had this product approx. 1.5 mos.) This is one of the few therapy type products that I keep coming back to again and again. It not only has the therapeutic, restorative properties (faster recovery after 5/10K runs), but it has a particular "feel good" feedback during and after- sort of like a massage.

I became interested in air compression after seeing some pro athletes at a mountain running race using the compression recovery boots product (substantially more expensive). I tried it myself and my soreness was notably less than normal in the subsequent days.

After reading many reviews, I found that Air Relax had the same benefits at a huge cost reduction.

Literally, the only thing that I would change about the product is the fact that the feet are compressed more sideways than top and bottom. I remedy this by turning my ankles sideways. This saves my over $1000 on the more expensive product and I get the pressure on the tops and bottom of my feet. It just feels good and absolutely cuts down on my soreness.

I do 3X15 minute cycles, one in each mode after an event at least once per week. Sometimes, I just do it randomly because it is just relaxing.

By Enrique J. on Aug 26, 2018

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