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 I have been looking to buy one of these systems for a while. There are so many on the market and the price of these fluctuate so much that its hard to tell if you are buying a quality device and if you are getting a good deal. I can truly say that this is a quality product. I bought these to use after I run for recovery. I am almost 50 so pretty much everything hurts on me all the time and I want to be able to continue to run almost everyday.

I am 5'8" muscular female and the sleeves fit me perfect. I love how the compression feels, very relaxing. I have only recently tried them so as to how they will work long term, I don't know, but they definitely feel good when they are on and they do a great job at getting the blood flow to circulate. Another nice feature is there are a lot of settings, you can compress your entire leg or only parts, and different pressure settings.

By Amazon Customer (jjrg7) on July 19, 2015

Ultra-marathon runner recommends!

ultra marathon running

After much debate, I am glad that I decided to spend the money and incorporate the Air Relax Recovery System into my training program. The unit, hoses and boots appear to be made from very durable materials and I don’t feel like it’s going to be something that I have to handle with kid-gloves. Set-up was a breeze— plug in, put on,press ON, choose your program and pressure level, relax and enjoy. My system arrived the day before I ran an ultra marathon and you can bet that I had my sleeves on that night.

Within about 4 days, I was feeling pretty darn good. It usually takes much longer for my body to recover from a marathon or ultra and the only thing I changed was the addition of the Air Relax system. The only downside to the purchase is that the size that I purchased (I’m 5’5”) does not fit my leggy 6’0 tall husband very well, so I will have to surprise him with his own set of leg sleeves. I will also probably end up purchasing the waist cuff and acupressure point insert for the feet. Highly recommended!

By Sherry L. on May 22, 2017

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