I'm 5'4" and it fits me to the top just fine.

My father and I bought this for my mother as an early Valentine's day and Mother's day present (instead of roses). SHE LOVES IT!
1.) It arrived 2 days early (use the UPS website to track it).
2.) My mom is 5 feet tall she zips it up all the way and has her foot in the ankle/calf portion OR she zips it up as far as she can. She has not had the problem of the zipper running away b/c of the Velcro strap or the option to focus on the bottom sections to fill.
3.) I'm 5'4" and it fits me to the top just fine.
4.) She started with power level 1 and 2 but now goes with 2 and 3. When I use it I stay on level 2. We both like to run it in two 15 minutes sections.
5.) She used to have constant leg pain from a botch foot surgery and 30+ years of factory work on concrete. SHE NO LONGER USES PAIN KILLERS FOR HER LEGS. SHE STOPPED USING HER HANDHELD MASSAGER AND DOESN'T NEED TO GO TO A CHIROPRACTOR/MASSEUSE FOR $50.00+ PER SESSION. She has non-stop migraines from a work related injury, but she has reduced her use of migraine medications since she's using this. She says her headaches are less now.
6.) It helps my leg and knee pain from wearing heels all day for work.

4, February 16, 2016 By AKC 

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