I have been suffering from leg/foot edema for several weeks 13 years a go I had a bad motorcycle accident resulting in severe damage to my right leg, broken pelvis, hip, femur, extensive never and muscular damage to the right leg.

over the past 6 weeks I have had a change in my works requirements resulting in an extra 6-7 hours a day of standing that I am not accustomed too. My Dr. believes this is the reason for the edema. The Dr. suggested a leg air compression massager, as he has used one on my legs in his office several times and the results were a significant reduction in the swelling.

I am very pleased with this device. . I looked at some of the cheaper units, but was concerned about their reliability. while price doesn't necessarily translate into better quality, the reviews on this device were positive so I gave it a shot.

I received the item 5 days sooner than expected based on the estimated delivery, which was a pleasant surprise, it was packed very well, easy to assemble and use, I opted for the leg extensions because I have thick quads, and glad I did, while the normal boots fit they are a bit snug at the knee, the extensions helped for comfort.

without the extensions, having the pressure set at 2 was enough, with the extensions I had to increase it to 3 for the same affect. I ran 2 - 15 minute cycles the first day and it made a dramatic difference in the swelling, additionally the "heaviness" I have been feeling in my legs was gone, I didn't feel stiff any longer and it wasn't hard to move about like it has been.

I am using the air compression massager 3 times a day now, 15 minutes in the morning when I wake up, 15 minutes after work, and 15 minutes before I go to bed, it has helped tremendously with my leg issues, and I am able to sleep better because my legs don't start to ache and stiffen during the night waking me up.

Hopefully once I am off this temporary work routine and back into my normal hours/routine the swelling will go away, but at least in the interim I have a solution that helps.

 June 20, 2016

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