On a scale from 1 to 5, I would rate this Air Relax system an unequivocal "10".

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On a scale from 1 to 5, I would rate this Air Relax system an unequivocal "10". This system seems extremely well engineered, designed, and built; like something you'd find being used in a Clinic. That's because This Device/System is a SERIOUS Unit. Yet, this unit is very simple to understand and operate; while at the same time it is extremely effective, and is a genuine pleasure to use.

The Cuffs fit me perfectly w/o Extensions, and my inseam is 30". Other than that, I believe my legs are pretty-much 'average dimensions' for a male of my age, with ONE exception. In my later years I have developed peripheral/pedal edema. This causes calves, ankles and feet to swell with fluid. The sensation is relentlessly painful, and it feels as if someone inflated the inside of your lower legs to 100 PSI; plus your ankles&feet always feel extremely cold. About the only thing Doctors will do for you is prescribe Diuretic Pills. These pills deliver a Double-Whammy of problems to deal with; one of which is Severe Muscle Cramps.

I'm "In Love" with this Unit… Having this particular system handy for impromptu leg massage therapy is the greatest thing since Sliced Bread. It works sooooo beautifully. I prefer using Alpha mode Massage, but admittedly this Unit is capable of cranking-out Far More Pressure than I can tolerate. Therefore I limit the Pressure setting to 'Level 2'. It's Max Pressure setting is Level-4; which I can't even imagine myself tolerating. But remember: Being Old, I've lost a LOT of Muscle Tone and Circulation over the years.

I believe this System was designed & built so well, that it serves a very Wide Range of Ages, Injuries, and/or Ailments. NOTE: This Type of Therapy is NOT recommended for 'Certain Types' of Injuries/Ailments; read their Special Notes regarding this. (you wouldn't wanna Pop your Leg Veins open when they're trying to heal after being mangled, now would you?)(nor would want to send a Blood Clot speed-balling from your leg to your Heart either),, (so READ Recommendations / Precautions First).

peripheral edma
Improvements: I wish the Default Timeout could be 'Adjustable' (instead of Fixed at 15-minutes). The relaxing comfort which this Unit delivers is soooooo delicious, that I find 15-minutes is WAY too short. Let me set it for a whole hour! The pleasure of it's Massage ranks right up there next to s3>< (imho).

December 2, 2017

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