Rest and recovery do not simply equate to “taking a day off”

As an Ironman triathlete, I know that prioritizing rest and recovery can be just as difficult as tackling that 6-hour training ride. I have learned that prioritizing rest and recovery is imperative to boost performance and strength. Skipping rest and recovery can lead to over training, injuries and major setbacks. Trusting the training includes trusting the recovery.

Rest and recovery do not simply equate to “taking a day off”. There are some great tools to maximize your rest days and recover better.

The Air Relax Recovery system is one of those tools. Once you try these, you will not only look forward to recovery, you will never want to go without. These compression sleeves, help reduce fatigue, inflammation and boosts recovery. This system can be used daily to help increase circulation and help your muscles heal faster.

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By utilizing the Air Relax system, my body can recover faster, perform better, go harder and feel stronger.

It is so reassuring to get up for the day feeling fresh ready to tackle that training set knowing that I can go hard and push my body’s limits and my Air Relax system will be there for me when I am done to get me ready and refreshed for the next day. My Air Relax system has become another entity of my training. My masseuse on demand 24/7 day or night.

I found the Air Relax system to be extremely comparable to the other compression systems on the market but what blew them out of the water was the price. Athletics no matter the sport is expensive, the gear, the uniforms, the training. To have this system be nearly half the price I thought that there had to be a reason why…. Turns out I was wrong. The quality is fantastic and comparable to the other compression systems I have used.

air relax review

The pressure settings are more than enough, as a female with smaller legs, I was worried about the pressure not being strong enough to fill the boots. I have not even had to try the highest pressure so that is not a concern for me.

The other two differences that I noticed about this system vs other compression systems that may be viewed a tradeoff is that Air Relax does need to plug into the wall and it runs 15-minute sessions. While some may see that as a con, there are so many different modes and targeted sessions, the 15 min limit helps me track the time I have spent on each zone and the sessions, once ended, can always be started back up again.

I found these to be minimal trade offs and I do not regret my choice in choosing Air Relax at all. There product is affordable, top quality and their customer service is prompt and personable. 

I have the travel case which is phenomenal in keeping my system clean and portable. I love when my equipment has a home and can be easily stored and transported. This system has been a welcomed addition to our home not only for me but also my family.

Thank you, Air relax for providing me with the tool I need to be able to tackle my day and training. Balance is hard to achieve as an athlete, but the Air relax system has brought more balance to my training and daily life balance than I ever thought possible.

I thank you, for a system that takes the weight and stress of recovery off my shoulders and allows for more of those sessions where you forget that the world is going on around you and you can truly train and feel like the beast you are trying to become.

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Thank you for a system that boosts my growth and propels me towards my goals to become the best version of myself both personally and athletically.

By Delllany Anderson

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