These boots have been such a lifesaver in my training

After taking 9 months off of running due to traumatic injuries sustained in a car accident, I began the hard process of transitioning back into running at the Division I level.

While running had always come naturally to me before, I now felt about as stable as a new born deer. As I began relearning how to run again, I quickly became aware of the importance and the role of recovery.  Whereas  I could have gotten away with taking an easy run too fast or not getting enough sleep before, now I needed to do all of the little things to help my body to recover.

At this time, I discovered compression boots. My university had the Normatec system and in college, these boots were vital to my success and ability to recover and  ultimately, fast track my immersion back into competitive running.

When I graduated from college, my running career was far from over, but I no longer had the recovery tools I had access to in college. I began training for marathons but I found my body was not able to handle the added mileage I needed to train for the longer races. This is when I found Air Relax.

After having such great experiences using the Normatec boots in college, I knew the compression technology would enhance my recovery, but I couldn’t justify the crazy price tag that went along with the system.

Air Relax was the clear solution!

At half the price of the other system, Air Relax offers the same technology, convenience, and sleek design. These boots have been vital in my recovery and marathon training! Because my body is able to bounce back faster from workouts, I am able to increase my weekly mileage to better prepare myself for the marathon.

These boots have been such a lifesaver in my training and I can truly feel a difference after using them!

By Megan Colleen

2020 Olympic Trial Qualifier. VDOTO2 Certified Coach. Mizzou Cross Country Track Alum.

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